Core Commit African Academy 2019

Together with Hope Business College we present our African Academy in Ethiopia.     

Training Organic Leadership/Change Management Master (Accelerated)

Trainers: Drs. Egbert L. Kinds, Yvon Hoendervoogt & Riek Lock
Includes: License for the use of the Personal, Team and Organization Values Profile™, use of the Transformatrix™ and access to bench marks of successful change projects.

Program content
Human potential is fully utilized when a person’s value drives are aligned with the task and missions of the team and the organization in which they work. The Values Profile shows the extent to which an organization utilizes the values potential of its employees. The Organic Leadership approach will support organizations and their change managers to enable employees and stakeholder to commit to the strategy and to develop personal ownership of change goals at all levels involved. In this methodology the hard side and soft side of change management are integrated. The upper stream and under currents become connected.

In this training participants will be certified to work with the Values Profile, an instrument that measures and visualizes values drives in people and value systems in teams and organizations.


Part I & II: 7th up to and including 12 th of October 2019 (6 days). Working times: 09.00 am till 18.00 (6.00) pm.

Part III, the Skypeconference, will be planned on an individual basis depending on the first application of the methodology by a participant. 

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