Author: Egbert Kinds

Personal Leadership & Communication (NLP/TA Certification)

PERSONAL LEADERSHIP AND COMMUNICATION, NLP/TA Business Practitioner Certification Training Introduction The essence of development is "growth" or "bring to full wisdom. A human being who has personally developed, maintains his/her confidence, remains resourceful under adversity and has a realistic view of alternatives. Personal development takes place along two lines:...
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Organic Leadership/Change Management Master (Accelerated)

Trainers: Drs. Egbert L. Kinds & Yvon Hoendervoogt Includes: License for the use of the Personal, Team and Organization Values Profile, use of the Transformatrixtm and access to bench marks of successful Change Project  Program content Human potential is fully utilized when a person’s motives are aligned with the task and missions of the team and the ...
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Business Performance & NLP Trainers Training

It is time to take your Training and Facilitation skills beyond the boundaries... Join us at the Business Performance/Trainers Training The Annual Trainers Training consists of three parallel tracks... a Business Performance Training, a NLP Trainers Track and a Master Trainers Track. You will be joining an outstanding, high quality Training with people from all over the world. The T...
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