Organic Leadership

Core Commit is the provider of the Organic Leadership tmChange Management toolkit that suports consultants and managers in transformation based on the Transformatrixtm . Our methods make the 'soft' side of organizational development transparent in 'hard' numbers. The tools are licensed to certified consultants and trainers.  (more…)
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Welcome to Core Commit

The norm today is change, and not just changes to your organization’s way of doing, but also significant deep changes that require your organization to fundamentally re-examine and redefine its basic purpose, it’s sense of identity, its core values, and it’s very ways of thinking. Fixed checkpoints are under constant pressure. Yesterdays's solution are today's problems. Organic LeadershipȒ...
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Persoonlijk Leiderschap en Communicatie

NLP/TA Business Practitioner en Master Practitioner certificering Uw persoonlijke leerdoelen staan voorop De essentie van ontwikkeling is "groei" of het "tot volle wasdom brengen". In deze opleiding ontwikkelt u zich verder op basis van de door uzelf ingebrachte persoonlijke leerdoelen. Een mens die zich persoonlijk ontwikkeld heeft, handhaaft zijn zelfvertrouwen, bl...
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