Caribbean Academy

Core Commit Caribbean Summer Academy 2019

This year we have organised a training on the beautiful Island of Curacao in the Caribbean. Curacao is a country in the kingdom of the Netherlands.

This year we will offer our Accelerated Organic Leadership/Personal Mastery (NLP certification) program in August. We work one week in a row from 1pm till 8 pm:. If you cannot join us now please send us an email to be informed about our training dates in for 2020:

The basic principle of Organic Leadership is that Organizational Development (or Change Management) is most effective if you connect to the value drives of the people that work for the organization. Transparent and accessible information and openness about the necessity and urgency to move along with developments and to adapt to changing conditions in the environment will create consciousness about what is happening.
—Consciousness creates the possibility of seeing the options ahead and allows people to make their own choices in the light of the changing circumstances. In this way there will be commitment to an organic change process instead of resistance to yet another change.

Organic Project Co-Creation
The Organic Project Co-Creation methodology describes what must be done to get commitment to a strategy and ownership of goals and results in organizational development and change processes. Change is around us every day, we have to prepare people to adjust and react in an effective and appropriate way and to develop the flexibility to adjust to changes that surround us all the time. The methodology is based on the universal laws of the Logic of the intelligence of nature.

Part I (Training)
• Presuppositions of Organic Leadershiptm and Change management.
• Introduction into value drives and value systems (based on the theory of Prof. Clare W. Graves and the Spiral Dynamics model).
• The Values Profile™: introduction on how to use the personal Values Profile™ in consultancy and training.
• Interpretation of the Personal Values Profile™ and the Work Behavior Profile™.
• How to connect to the natural flow of motivation of employees.
• Coaching people based on their Personal Values Profile™.
• Selection, training and retention of employees.
• License for the use of the Personal Values Profile™.
• Diagnosis of present (IST) and desired (SOLL) organizational situation.
• Interpretation of the results of a Team and Organizational Values Profile™.

Part II (Training)
• Analysis of the shifts between value systems.
• Learn to discover the system dynamics of the different value systems and how to discover stress points of teams and individuals based on a Values Profile™.
• Overview of the Transformatrix™, a model that allows to design a developmental path for individuals, teams and organizations.
• Managing the transition from one value system to another (benchmarks).
• How to facilitate smooth implementation processes.
• Defining Mission, Vision and Values.

Part III (Two Skype conferences)
• 2 x support by personal Skype conference on your two first practical applications of the Values Profile™ in your own practise.

Core Commit Caribbean Academy on Curacao

Part 1 & 2: 17th up to and including 21th of August 2020 (5 days).
Working times: 01.00 pm till 8.00 pm.

Acoya Hotel and suites, Willemstad Curacao.

Training price
€ 1990,00.
25 Values Profiles™ are included in this price.

Payment conditions
20{aa7a72e3ed4a54f16b16de736f67f8097a7d5b4b70938437cdd1dff499236e5f} at booking, the other 80{aa7a72e3ed4a54f16b16de736f67f8097a7d5b4b70938437cdd1dff499236e5f} six weeks before the start of the training.

English, exercises can be done in English, Dutch, Papiamento and Spanish.

Study materials
All presentations will be made available in a Manual and as PowerPoint or PDF. Materials are available in English and Dutch.

Booking: send an email to or book online with the red button on top of this page.