Welcome to Core Commit

The norm today is change, and not just changes to your organization’s way of doing, but also significant deep changes that require your organization to fundamentally re-examine and redefine its basic purpose, it’s sense of identity, its core values, and it’s very ways of thinking. Fixed checkpoints are under constant pressure. Yesterdays’s solution are today’s problems.

Organic Leadership™ is methodology with a practical toolkit that supports consultants and managers in personal and organizational change and transformation based on empirical science and change benchmarks. Core Commit supports the development of Organic Leadership by means of the Values Profiletm, the Transformatrixtm and the Workbehavior Profiletm. We connect the upstream with the undercurrent. Our certified consultants are present on all continents and we have our materials available in 15 languages.

This is why more and more cliënts worldwide use our tookit:

• It supports employees by providing them with a context to understand organizational change.

• It gives insight in personal value drives and motivation and allows people to understand their own challenges during transition.

• Providing choice in commitment, engagement, responsibility and ownership.

• It provides management with an implementation and communication strategy which will match the presents state of motivation and then shift towards the desired state.

• It stimulates people to specify the necessary change on the individual level in behaviour, beliefs and values.

• It provides people with easy steps to make shifts in their thinking and behavioural patterns.

• It shows the results in terms of behavioural and performance shift during the transition.